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Yamani and Johnson
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As an executive in both corporate environments as well as non-profits; it is rare to consult with someone who possess outstanding skills in the technical arena vs. administrative but have them immediately integrate the two. Mimi Lin was an unexpected surprise during my initial consultation to build a website. She exemplified both technical, business and human resource knowledge but immediately was able to develop the questions I had not fully thought out in the areas of target market, customer base and size, long range vision for the site as well as could speak from a recipient's point of view for the site plan. She helped me think more strategically while completely relating to my vision and goals.

Eddie Johnson
Yamani & Johnson

"As a life and health agent specializing in servicing the employee benefit needs of small businesses, I needed to establish a unique identity that would enable me to effectively market to these groups. Mimi's creative and cost effective solutions has allowed me to present a coordinated marketing package that consists of a brochure, newsletter, business cards and web site.

I am impressed with Mimi's innovative approach to her projects and her 'can do' attitude. Her services will help me grow my client base."

Lee E. Fort,
Lee E. Fort Insurance services


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the website you designed for us. The look and feel is just right for our office and for the services we offer. Your suggestions regarding design, speed and layout helped make the site intuitive and easy for the user. I look forward to the future for your help and expertise as we progress into the cyber-world.

Dr. Larry Wan
Family EyeCare Center


I visited your website "PACE ( Palo Alto Chinese Education)". The layout of the site is wonderful and gives a thrilling vibe to the viewer. The images on the site were very appealing and struck a chord instantly. All the information and links on the Palo Alto Chinese Education were excellent and very interesting. I liked the fact that the site was smartly crafted to suit diverse tastes of diverse people. Your site was certainly memorable and very catchy. The use of colors on the site was perfect and added to it's beauty.

a viewer's feedback of PACE's web design


Mimi has served since January 2003 as board member and webmaster for Dimension Performing Arts-a nonprofit in its continuing mission to advocate inter-cultural understanding through the vibrancy of the Chinese performing arts.

Mimi takes initiatives. She liked a Diimension performance, and tenaciously searched Dimension out through a thin lead, pressed on with its webmaster responsibilities, and continues to bring new ideas.

Mimi is independent. As chair of the Dimension Marketing Committee, she takes an assignment and proceeds to conquer the to-do's be they cold phone calls, urgent press releases, or readying unknown computers for use.

Mimi is patient. She meticulously searches for solutions, spends nearly an entire evening helping a computer-illiterate colleague test out a web communication link, and calms distressed members of the public with a soothing tone of voice at a performance.

What can top all these? Mimi's inspiration for things better, and her enthusiasm for accomplishment. Thank you Mimi,

Rose-Marie Twu, president of Dimension Performing Arts


Diamond International, Inc.

Linspiration can put your business or organization in
a winning position. She is capable of understanding
your business new life. She is creative and innovative
and has insight to assist you to grow your
business opportunities. I have been impressed with
the outstanding work and the amount of the time has
taken Mimi do to an outstanding job for us at DII
(Diamond International, Inc.).

If you want to have an inspiring new look for your business,
Linspiration is the company to do it.

Elaine Yamani
Diamond International, Inc.



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